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Sometimes the JOURNEY is MESSY…. it is ALWAYS WORTH it! #jeremiah29:11

Best way to get NOTHING done? Do “research” on your phone whilst standing in your kitchen drinking coffee…. ☕️

This is literally me today. Several (one very serious) life events have me distracted. I could use them as my excuse to get little to nothing done today. (These events also made for this great real life post #workingonmyblog)

FB and Instagram never solved life’s problems!

The dishes will still be there, as will the laundry, grocery shopping, clutter, vacuuming and other household chores. As will all of life’s other issues, family, financial and health concerns, etc…..

Plan your day (include at least one self care actionable item), make a list and stick to it! Track what you do daily to get a better idea of what you can change to be more productive, feel better and BE HAPPY!