Two things I’ve been reminded of today…

Family is so much more than blood! The people we meet along the way, our friends, our coworkers, our in-laws, our former in-laws, etc., all become part of our family. We are connected by life and though our circumstances may change the ties that bind us are still there. You get to choose whether or not those people stay in your life (and how much)! Is that relationship enriching or draining? Does this person bring you joy or strife? Only you will know when to let go, when to create distance or when to draw them closer. The point is people will come and go in our lives and that’s okay! It doesn’t mean you love them more or less. It just means you are guarding your own heart and theirs! Boundaries are a good thing but so is connection. There is a fine balance.

The other moment of clarity… People will come to you when THEY are ready! Put yourself out there! What is your passion? What do you love! What helped you? How did it help you? Keep telling YOUR story! You never know when someone will be ready to hear more and ask for your help. Someone NEEDS what you have to offer.